Trying something new

Trying something new in art
Trying something new

I have a couple of very simple aims in life. I want to be able to spend as much time doing what I love and that is working with the visual arts. I also want to provide some value for others that they don’t have to pay for. Over the years I have used and made money off of a lot of resources that others have been kind enough to offer for free. I figure that it is now my turn to return that favor to the universe.  To that end I’m trying something new with regard to marketing my art.

The framework that I’ve put in place is a very simple one. I will continue to sell my paintings (the originals) as normal but I am now giving away high resolution, high quality, image files that anyone can do more or less what they like with. No attribution back to me is required and uses can be personal or commercial. Of course I benefit from this in terms of extra publicity and a whole lot of free advertising. In other words, it is a win win.

This approach hasn’t been possible until recently because the platforms to give away free images in large quantities were just not available. This may sound odd but is not that easy to give away stuff online. Those platforms are now available and I place high resolution versions of my art on a couple of them. The one I recommend for downloading my work is Pexels (the link goes directly to my page) as they have a donation button where the proceeds go to the photographer. Of course these donations are purely voluntary but I am not too proud to admit that I am grateful for every one that I receive. Anything that offsets the cost of materials is a bonus.

I have a very good feeling about this plan but of course there are no guarantees. Either way I’ll report back here from time to time with updates of my progress.

Update: Better Than Expected